Kukkamultaa ja Mörköjä

Kukkamultaa ja Mörköjä

Kukkamultaa ja Mörköjä

An animatic about fear and anxiety

I got an assignment to make a short animatic with complete artistic freedom during my studies at LAB University of Applied Sciences. The project started with learning about storytelling and then moving forwards to scripting my own animation, storyboarding and finally ending the project with an animatic with rough sound elements.

The Story

I wanted to tell a story about anxiety in a way that was comical but included some dark elements. Playing around with a colourful and somewhat naïve visual style intrigued me.

With the story I wanted to raise awareness to an issue close not only to my heart but many others, while offering some sort of catharsis for the end about my own realizations for dealing with these issues.

The focus of the project was more about the story itself, as well as time management and learning the different stages of pre-production. I’m not very good at character animation, so most of my efforts were put in the story itself, character design and visual style.

Illustration of a person running over a street, where lampposts appear to be monsters shooting hot fluid out of their mouths.

The animatic

Illustration of a person with heart eyes standing in the middle of a plantshop.


Taking on a big project like this, completely on my own was a fun, liberating, but also slightly terrifying experience. Because I had a tight schedule with the production, most of my efforts were put into what I do best: storytelling and visuals. I wanted to have as little as possible to animate, since there was a risk of it taking too much time.

But while working on the animatic, I realized that animating even a little bit of a scene brought so much more life into the whole video. Working through the little bits of animation, I found out that I also quite enjoyed the process.

In the future, I want to focus more on the animation and camera movements before diving in to the visuals, and not be afraid of the inevitable workload. Planning the movements as early as possible into the project will also help solving a lot of problems beforehand.