Youth and Freedom of Speech in Europe

Youth and Freedom of Expression in Europe

Visual identity, illustrations and infographics for a material aimed at educators.

The Finnish Society on Media Education is a non-governmental organisation promoting media literacy and media education in Finland. They had a joined project with Vikes, a journalists’ solidarity organization focusing on freedom of expression. Together these organisations had created a package of materials that can be used directly with the youth while educating about the issue of freedom of expression in Europe.

The project contained a lot of information and many different materials that needed to be presented in an easily digestable and intriguing way. I got the opportunity to create a visual identity and style for the whole project including the social media presence and the materials themselves. 

Visual identity

The biggest inspiration for the visual style came from the youth themselves. The youth in Europe has many activist groups and organisations regarding civil rights, fighting climate change and many more. The visual imagery the youth produce is often strong and fierce with raging colors, bold fonts and photos of youth themselves taking action and going to the streets with signs and such. I wanted to incorporate that style into the materials as well, while not steering too much away from both organisation’s usual style.

Illustrative image of the features of the visual identity, such as the font and colours.