Face your trash

Face your trash

A prototype for an educational game

This game prototype was made as a group effort with my 3 fellow students during my exchange semester in Graz at FH Joanneum. We came up with the idea through our own struggles trying to understand the complicated recycling system in Austria. We thought that surely we cannot be the only ones who seem to have troubles with this.

We thought that this game could help out young immigrants, refugees, locals and of course, our confused exchange students to understand the recycling system better. We wanted to keep the game relatively simple with the gameplay and the features so the players could focus on the most important aspect: Facing their trash.

The Design

We were brainstorming and sketching together, how the game could work and look like. We wanted to aim the game more towards young children so we went for sounds and visuals that are bright and playful to create a funky feeling. We split the group, and everyone went to work individually. I took on the sound design and end screen design, while others created the visuals, gameplay and coding. We created the game prototype with Processing.

Illustration of seven recycling bins meant for different types of waste. Above them are different recycling items.
Illustration of different controls the game has, details mentioned in text.


Face Your Trash is a simple game, where 35 different trash items will fall randomly from the sky. The aim of the game is to collect as much trash as possible in the correct trash can. The player can catch the trash by moving the can left or right. The trash can moves according to the players head movement, based on web camera facial recognition. For every correct object collected, the player gets a point. The player loses a life by collecting the wrong trash for the can. There are 5 lives per game. When all the lives are lost, the game ends.

End screen

We also wanted to make the game a bit more meaningful, so we added an ending screen. The player can see their stats and what the sorted trash will become after recycling. This would potentially motivate the players to begin recycling in real life when they see the impact of it. Here is the design I made as an example of how the end screen would look like.

Image of the ending screen, details mentioned in text.